Our Restaurant

Carlo e Vincenzo Our chefs

Authors of what is our kitchen, together with a tight-knit team that takes care of every dish, have been leading the preparation of every dish for over 20 years, including our desserts, according to our customers "icing on the cake" "Of our menu.

Both Carlo and Vincenzo trained at the Istituto Alberghiero of Ischia and then gained experience in restaurants throughout Italy. Vincenzo mostly learned in the kitchens of Campania, forming in an excellent way on what are the dishes and the typical ingredients of our land.

Carlo also spent a period in Northern Italy, mostly in Piedmont, before returning to Campania.

Paolo Our Pizza chef

Trained at the Nautical Institute of Procida, Paolo has been in the team for 10 years, but only 4 has successfully taken over the restaurant pizzeria.

From simple help chef started to approach the art of self-taught pizza and then get passionate and attend courses by the best Neapolitan pizza makers.

Today, pizza is also one of the most popular dishes in our restaurant. Paolo also prepares fresh bread every day, always in a wood oven and with the same pizza dough, made with white flour or in the 5 cereals variant.

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Procida is an island on a human scale, where you can easily walk to all places of interest. At a close distance from us there is an islet of Vivara and the Ciracciello beach. In 20 minutes you can reach the historical Terra Murata and the colourful fisherman’s village Marina Corricella.