Back in 1945

As soon as the war ended, life on the island came back to normal. At the age of sixteen Signor Crescenzo was travelling from Ischia on a rowing boat together with his grandmother to sell products from their garden in the port and streets of Chiaiolella. On one of these streets he met Signora Vincenza, the daughter of a local merchant.

After a short engagement period the couple got married and opened a small shop near the church of San Giuseppe, where they sold fruits and vegetables. After this, a few years later, the construction of the Vivara bridge began along with the aqueduct that will bring water to Ischia. This was the occasion, when Crescenzo demonstrated his first entrepreneurial skills. Having the need to provide daily dinner to thirty workers employed for the construction, Crescenzo offers them Signora Vincenza’s culinary skills. That way, in a small fruit and vegetable shop, among the crates, the workers spent their evenings eating simple, yet tasty dishes prepared by the lady. Crenscenzo, on his part, was catching fish for dinner during mornings and was also working on his rowing boat transporting materials and people back and forth to the island of Vivara.

Franco, Il fratello maggiore


This unusual way, during the years 1952-53, Crescenzo restaurant was born. Crescenzo had a possibility to rent out space in the center of the port of Chiaiolella; at that time there was only the ground floor with no space in front, but, nevertheless, he saw it as a good start. In time, with the help of his older children, the room was enlarged and tables and chairs were placed outside, which were surrounded by a straw fence during hot summer days.

The flow of tourists was different during those years; however, gradually, people started to spend warm summer months on Procida, cooling down in the clear waters of Ciraccielo beach and enjoying a simple seafood dish prepared in Crescenzo.